Mareld Pro Lighting

We are Mareld

We are Mareld

Everything happens when the light turns on.

Whatever the activity – carpentry, painting, assembling, repairing, casting, digging, running, biking or climbing – you want your performance to be as close as possible to perfection.

That’s why all our products are created for one purpose: To allow you to do your very best work under live conditions – when the light turns on.

Our history began with an understanding that today’s mobile work lights are often poor and can cause a lot of damage. But if the need for better work lighting was the spark, then our motivation to contribute to better performance was the fuel.

By professionals – for professionals

When you choose Mareld, you get premium products developed in Sweden. To ensure that we cover all professional lighting needs, we work in close cooperation with trade professionals as well as elite athletes.

Our users choose Mareld because they can’t and don’t want to compromise on their own performance. Can you?

Robust design

You can rely on Mareld to handle tough knocks, harsh outdoor environments as well as the Nordic climate. Our products have clear IP ratings so you can easily choose the right lamp for the situation.

Everything you need

From tight spaces to an entire construction site. In the Mareld range, you’ll find premium lighting for all your needs. Whatever the strength, pur- pose or size, all our lamps have three things in common – high quality, smart technology and sleek design. Look for the Mareld logo and you know you’ve made a good choice.