About us


Mila Halogen started in 1983 and the production consisted mainly of headlamps for orienteering. Since 1997 Jari and Irmeli Sevilä became company directors and they expanded the range of products for professionals. Mila headlamps are sold through retailers in Sweden, Europe, Russia and the USA.
Since March 2013 has Björn Reger taken over the main responsibility for the business.
Björn has a long experience from Night-O, with 12 "Long Night" runs in the 10-Mila relay in the bagage.



Mila manufactures headlamps for sports and professionals and is located south of Stockholm. The company has a mission, which is to develop and produce the most innovative helmet- and headlamps with the latest technology focused on function, use and design. One unique thing is that we use a warmer color of light than other Led-headlights.
As daylight.
This gives natural colors and contrasts which is much nicer for the human eye.

Mila manufactures most of their products in Sweden and therefore it is easier to meet the customer needs.

In November 2015 Mila moved their manufacture to larger premises to meet the increased demands. In the new premises we have a showroom where customers have the opportunity to visit and take a closer look at the products.