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Mareld + Hanna Lundberg

Mareld is proud to be an official sponsor of Swedish orienteerer Hanna Lundberg. Despite her young age, Hanna has already finished third in the Orienteering World Cup in 2021 and won three individual golds in the Youth World Championships in ski orienteering, also in 2021.

In addition to orienteering and ski orienteering, Hanna is also a competent skier and runner. Hanna is a shining example of hard work, performance, toughness and high demands on equipment – values that Mareld also shares.

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Mareld + Missing People

Every year, Missing People actively helps police and family members publish missing person announcements and arrange search efforts when someone disappears. One of the most important tools in search operations – and also one of the biggest expenses – is torches and head lamps.

Mareld has been collaborating with Missing People since 2020, providing bright and efficient torches and head lamps for at least 250 people in each district.

Mareld + Casambi

Casambi is the global market leader and the most natural way to wirelessly control your lamps. Once the app has been pro-grammed, your smartphone no longer needs to be within range of a lamp with Casambi control.

The lamp can also be linked to multiple motion or presence sensors. The app instantly locates all nearby lamps connected to a Casambi network. From autumn 2022, selected products in the Mareld range will be integrated with Casambi technology.