ORION Headlamp

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The newest headlamp model from Mila, with the same outstanding technology as the success model Vega,  however in a smaller format. Light and flexible. Included is a  6Ah battery, automatic charger, headgear and extension cable. Very good for Trailrunning and all forms of training or work in the darkness.   With the add-on Remote control 0081, you can easily change the settings  for Lumen/Burningtime on you own.
See also the alternative with Neckbattery 0117 which is put in a clips on the headgear or a helmet.

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6 pcs highly effective LED´s give a strong and very wide spread beam.
Color of light 5000K, similar to sunshine..
Levels can be chosen between 1-15W. 110-2000 Lumen
Standard setting high level 12W (1500 Lm), low level 4W(440 Lm).
Burning time standardsettings: High level 4h, low level 11h!
State of battery is shown in the lamp with red/green diods.
Weight: Just 180 g including headgear.
Automatic stepless  temp regulation eliminates the risk of overheating.
Li-Ion battery 6Ah in a covering textile bag. Weight just 285 g.
Can put in a pocket, or attached in a belt or Battery carrier.
Automatic charger 8,5V 1,5A included.
"Come-home-function" makes the lamp automatically go down in a low level for one 1h
before the battery is empty.


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