Vega II

4.750kr inc tax

Delivered complete with: Vega II headlamp, Headgear 0102, Li.Ion battery 014852,  Automatic charger L00148, Remote control 0081, all pcked in a practical and protective box with handle.

Weigt lamp, headgear and 70 cm cable: 220 g!
– Up to 4000 Lumen, 32W.
– Battery indication in the lamp. Red/green diods shows the state of charge.
– Remote control, Gives you the possiblity to adjust the settings power/battery time in a very simple way.

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Vega II is an upgrade from our  successmodel Vega:
Headlamp Vega II is developed together with optical expertise and some of the best orienteers in the world.
The natural light color 5000 K is warmer than most LED lamps and gives the same feeling as sunlight.
An amazing spread of the beam gives a wide area of visability as well as minimized blinding reflections.
The smart "Come-home funtion"  makes the light automatically go down in a low level for 2 hours, before it goes out.
Automatic and stepless heat regulation.

Vega II has a battery state of charge indication in the lamp.

Vega II is used by i.e.  Orienteers, Workers,  MTB-cyclists, Enduro MC riders, Hunters etc.


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