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Testwinner in the huntingmagazine Allt om Jakt & Vapen nr 1, 2017!
Testwinner in Svensk Jakt 2017!

Weight lamp-headgear-cable just 240 g.


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-Very wide spread of the beam using not less than 12 pcs highly effective LED's. However more longdistance light than Vega II.
-Natural color of the light, like daylight. Unic for Mila-lamps.
-Minimized dazzle i.e. when reading the map.
-2 Programable levels between 160-4000 Lumen.
- Remote control for making your own adjustments of the effect-levels, included.
-Light and flat Li-Ion Battery.  Weigt only 370 g. Batterybag included.
-State of charge indication in the lamp!
-Smart extra "come home safe function": - When battery is almost empty it turns automatically into reduced light that works for another 2 h!
-Double-insulated highly flexible cable 120 cm, with waterproof connector and locking nut.
-All delivered in a practical and protective box with handle.

Vega II Trail is a high-end model for people with high demands.
Suitable for running, MTB, hunting, construcction work etc.

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Weight 1200 g


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